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Happy Thanksgiving!!!
November 25, 2015

At this time of Thanksgiving celebration, Ivie League Homes & Properties LLC, turn gratefully to you with warm appreciation and well wishes for you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Inventory Homes Open Sunday from 11am-4pm at Newport Meadows Subdivision or Call for a Private Viewing!!
November 12, 2015

Inventory Homes Open!!!!  Sunday From 10am-5pm or call and make an appointment for a private viewing! Why settle? You deserve your own top quality, luxuriously affordable, brand new Ivie League Home!! I am looking forward to meeting you this weekend!!! 70 … Continue reading

Tips for Seasonal Home Maintenance
April 14, 2015

Now is a good time to take care of some minor home maintenance.  Recaulk and paint exterior as necessary.  Inspect and repair roof and gutter systems to see if there is any damage.  Get your drain tiles put on your … Continue reading

Tips for New Sod
March 26, 2015

New Sod Care First 2 Weeks The key to establishing new sod is to keep it properly watered for the first month. Immediately after installing sod, water thoroughly making it spongy to the step. The new sod should be kept … Continue reading

Home Maintenance Projects to Do this Fall
September 17, 2015

As summer comes to a close, this time of the year is ideal for homeowners to establish a fall home maintenance checklist. 1. Turn off exterior faucets.  Undrained water in pipes can freeze easily which will cause pipes to burst … Continue reading

Protect your investment install Drain Tile
August 7, 2015

Any water that stands near your house is just looking for a way to enter your foundation, which can lead to serious problems. Improve drainage around your home by installing drainage tiles. The project involves a lot of digging, but … Continue reading

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