About Ivie League Homes*

Ivie League Homes is built on a value system that runs deep throughout generations of home building in the Lincoln, St. Charles and Warren County Area. With the Owners being raised in Wright City, MO and currently residing in Wright City, MO we are truly YOUR Local Hometown Builder!!
We support and use predominately LOCAL contractors and suppliers helping sustain and preserve YOUR Community! YOUR money truly stays right here in YOUR Community!
In today’s fast paced, micromanaged society it is hard to find the values that you will find at Ivie League Homes. We are diligent and engaged in the building of your home. We go above and beyond, shaping your new home into existence. You will appreciate the dedication and detail we give to you and your new home!
WE MAKE IT EASY! Our daily hands on approach in your investment makes home building effortless for you. The result is a quality home for you and your family to enjoy for years to come! We do not use confusing sales tactics or gimmicks. Many features that come standard in our homes YOU WILL PAY FOR AS AN UPGRADE WITH OTHER BUILDERS!!
We are Broker owned and operated!~