DIY Upgrades for Under $100! Check These out!!

Invest a little cash and get a big improvement in how your home looks and feels.

Plant an Evergreen Screen

How to do it: Plant an evergreen screen on the north side
of your house to block winter winds. Arborvitae ‘Green
Giant’ can climb 3 feet in one year.

Hook Yourself Up

How to do it: Wall-mount a row of hooks above your kitchen counter to keep dish towels and measuring cups at the ready.

Turn a Closet Into a Home Office

How to do it: Unhinge the door and trade hanging rods for shelves—a deep one for the desktop and two shallow ones above for storage.

Tone Down Brassy Hardware

How to do it: Take the gleam off like-new brass hinges and doorknobs with a simple rub of a darkening solution

Doorway Display

How to do it: Add a shelf above a doorway, paint it to match the trim, then use it to display pottery.

Brush On a Welcome Mat

How to do it: Make this diamond-patterened ruglike mat on your stoop by mapping the design with painter’s tape and using a
roller to put colors in their places.

Give Your Porch Some Space

How to do it: Paint your porch ceiling sky blue to create a more spacious feeling.

Add a Ceiling Medallion

How to do it: Highlight a hanging light fixture with some decorative interest at the ceiling.

Hang a Mirror

How to do it: Hang an oval-shaped mirror like a pendant from a decorative chain for an elegant look in a bath, bedroom, or foyer.

Add a Stainless Backsplash Behind Your Stove

How to do it: Nail an easy-to-clean panel on the wall or right over tired tile.




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