Wright City High earns bronze rating!!

For a third year in a row, Wright City High School has been recognized as one of the most distinguished learning environments in the state.

As part of its annual ratings, the U.S. News and World Report awarded the school a bronze medal, ranking it among the top 146 schools out of over 500 in Missouri. In general, schools are ranked based on their performance on state-required tests and how well they prepare students for college.

“This sustained academic achievement is a testament to our fantastic staff for really putting an emphasis on teaching and learning, as well as to our students for working hard to respond to the high standards set by our teachers,” said Principal Shawn Brown.

Out of the schools in Missouri, two were awarded gold status, 22 earned silver status and 122 received a bronze recognition. The evaluation looks at the school’s college readiness index. It focuses on the percentage of advanced placement students tested, their scores on the test and how many passed. It also takes into account the scores from the end-of-course math and English tests.

According to the scorecard, Wright City received an 8.2 for college readiness. It had 11 percent of students take the advanced placement testing, with 64 percent of those passing. The school scored a 69 percent in math proficiency and a 73 percent in English proficiency. 

“The fact that our district has been laser focused on achievement and really tried to increase rigor for our kids and provide them with solid learning opportunities every day has contributed to our success,” said Brown. 

The evaluation and rankings were based off of data from the 2014-15 school year. Wright City High School has an enrollment of 450 students and staffs 29 full-time teachers. The district has an 85 percent graduation rate.

Brown says being able to share those recognitions received by the district really says a lot for the community.

“It brings a great source of pride to our community,” said Brown. “We’re really proud of the fact we provide a high school that provides quality education. Throughout the years it’s been something we’re really focused on is making this a place people want to move to.”

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