Winter prep tips

Winter is still here with us, and probably hitting this us this weekend with some snow.

Make sure your home is ready for the winter with some tips below.


Home Winter Prep Tips

A large winter storm can make a landscape visually stunning, courtesy of a blanket of pristine white snow and icicles. Although the scene sounds picturesque, frozen water is extremely heavy and can wreak havoc on homes and surrounding property that has not been properly maintained for the harsh season. Homeowners need to take charge of protecting their slice of theAmerican Dream and some home items requiring special attention for the upcoming season include:

  • Pipes: Frozen Pipes: Improperly maintained piping is more prone to bursting upon freezing. Increased pressure builds up in frozen pipes and that forces the water downstream, causing the situation. Once a pipe bursts, flooding is possible. Flood insurance may not be part of your homeowners insurance making a separate rider necessary for any compensation. Seasonally inspecting, sealing and insulating pipes can do wonders in minimizing this misfortune. Don’t forget about outside water sources like sprinklers and garden hoses when going through this process.
  • Branches: Snow can make a landscape look like a winter wonderland, however, not all tree branches can support the extra weight from the seasonal downfall. Tree trimming and removing branches that are precariously perched or dead should help downplay this risk.
  • Roofs: Heavy snow can also weigh down a roof. Prior to the snow season roofs should be checked for strength and leaks should be repaired. Additionally, gutters and roofs should be cleaned of all debris to prevent clogs and ensure that the system is ready to handle any water runoff.
  • Make sure you have drain tiles installed on your gutters to help keep all water away from your home.  This will help keep the water away from your home and foundation.  It’s a must!!!
    Salt on the driveways always seems like a great idea at the time, but it will eat your driveway and greatly increase the severity of the exporsure and may cause scaling.
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