Answer to THROWBACK THURSDAY August 9, 2018 What is this a Picture of and Where is it?

With the rich history in our area we will post a picture from the past and the  person who correctly guesses what the picture is in reference to and where it was taken will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize!

The Grand prize will be significant and worth the time you take to answer!

I would love for you to tell us the history you may know about the picture!

Best answer(s) gets entered to win!!

To Quote Leslie Criswell…

In the early 70s th​e Italian Immigrant Statue was dedicated ​in honor​ of the Italian Immigrants who came into the small but close knit community​ ​affectionately called The Hill, in tribute for their sacrifices and contributions to the community. The sculpture was created by Ruby Torini, who in the late 1960’s​ had been​ commissioned by then Msgr. Polizzi and the Diosese of St. Louis to represent the dignity, determination and hope of the early Italian Families who settled in the area. The statue today continues to stand tall beside St. Ambrose Church​,​ where it has been after having been moved several times around the community ​ and with its permanent placement at St. Ambrose in 1972. The statue was dedicated and intended to serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by the initial Italian Immigrants, with hope of a better life for themselves and their families and remains one of the most visited monuments in the entire St. Louis area.



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