About Ivie League Homes

Are you thinking of buying or building a new home? Let Ivie League Homes build your dream home. If you’re asking, “Why Ivie League Homes should be trusted with the building of your new home?” or “Why would I want to purchase an Ivie League Home?” Please consider the great things that make Ivie League Homes one of the top home building companies in St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln Counties.

Aside from exceeding obvious, important factors to consider such as LOCALITY, QUALITY, CONVENIENCE, AND AFFORDABILTY – Ivie League Homes was built on a value system that runs deep throughout generations of home building.

LOCALITY! Ivie League Homes is your LOCAL HOMETOWN BUILDER; The owners of Ivie League Homes have been raised in Warren County and currently re-side in Warren County! Ivie League Homes supports and uses predominately local suppliers and contractors from St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln Counties, helping sustain and preserve our community. Your money truly stays right here in your community!

QUALITY! The owners, who started young, having been taught early in life by their families, who also started in the construction industry business, that if you work hard you will have something to be proud of, along with a great sense of pride. In today’s fast-paced, micro-managed society it is hard to find the values that you will find at Ivie League Homes. Ivie League Homes is diligent and engaged in the building of your home.

The owners, who oversee and perform daily operations themselves, have been in the construction industry for decades. They are hands on in all aspects of the building process and have a passion for hard work. You will find them going above and beyond most builders. You will also find them sweeping streets, digging basements, painting, cleaning new homes and yards, meeting with contractors and customers daily – shaping your new home into existence. You will appreciate the dedication and detail Ivie League Homes gives to you and your new home.

CONVENIENCE! WE MAKE IT EASY! Ivie League Homes makes building a home an easy process. Ivie League Homes’ convenient, custom office is tailored for your home buying and home building convenience. Their daily hands on approach in your investment makes home building effortless for you. The result is a quality product that begins with shaping a hole in the ground to a beautiful new home for you and your family to enjoy for years to come! You can rest assured knowing your family and your home will receive the attention you deserve with minimal points of contact resulting in maximum communication.

AFFORDABILITY & STABILITY! Ivie League Homes has built relationships and friendships with subcontractors and suppliers who have worked with us for decades– also helping give the quality you should expect for your new home. In the downturn of the economy, that affected so many businesses in the home building industry in such a monumental neutralizing way, Ivie League Homes was able to sustain and come out on top – not being affected negatively as other builders were. Ivie League Homes was given a test, and being built to last, Ivie League Homes passed that test and came out strong! Ivie League Homes does not use smoke and mirrors or bells and whistles. What you see is what you get, Ivie League Homes does not use any confusing sales tactics or gimmicks. Many features that come standard in our homes YOU WILL PAY FOR AS AN EXTRA WITH OTHER BUILDERS. We make it easy!