4 Home Hacks that don’t Work

by Matt Barbato

We’re always on the lookout for unique and affordable ideas to
simplify household tasks. However, some of these methods are
mythical and don’t actually work. Don’t let any of these home
improvement follies ruin your home! Here are 4 home hacks

you should avoid at all costs.

Lemons don’t clean garbage disposals
This is one of the most well-known
home hacks out there, but it will
only result in additional damage to
your garbage disposal. Citric acid is a
natural deodorizer, but it can corrode
metal, according to House Logic. The
lemon peel can also clog your pipes.
Instead, turn on the disposal and
dump in at least two trays of ice
cubes while running cold water. It’s
noisy, but will dislodge any buildup
within the disposal.

Duct tape doesn’t seal ductwork
Duct tape and ductwork might
sound like a match made in heaven,
but that’s far from the case. Duct
tape is merely a temporary solution
that will only increase your energy
bill. Tests by the U.S. Department
of Energy revealed the glue deteriorates
over time due to the hot air
from the HVAC system.
Instead, use duct mastic, which is a
similar substance to caulk, and a layer
of fiberglass to keep the air from

Bleach doesn’t kill mold
While bleach may work on whites, it’s
not made to eradicate mold. Do not
use bleach if mold has populated on
caulk, drywall, insulation and carpet.
It will merely mask the sight and
could spur growth.
Instead, use an anti-fungal product
to eradicate mold. You probably
shouldn’t tackle the outbreak alone if
it covers a large area either. Don’t be
afraid to rely on an expert.

Dryer sheets + air vent = fire hazard
Some people think placing dryer
sheets in an air vent will freshen the
room, but that’s not true. This trick is a
fire hazard that will raise your energy
bills and probably cause smoke. Dryer
sheets block air-flow and force your
HVAC system to increase its effort.

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